City of Angels is supplement for Demon: The Fallen detailing the influence of the fallen in Los Angeles.


From the White Wolf catalog:

City of Dreams
It is a city whose influence touches the hearts and minds of millions across the globe. The fallen are drawn to LA's potent mix of power, decadence, and decay, and fearsome demons stake their claims amid the city's violent streets and opulent boardrooms. Intrigue and bloodshed abound as ancient rivalries mix with the dizzying possibilities of the modern age, and the stage is set for an epic struggle to shape the city's first Infernal Court.
Streets of Fire
City of Angels thrusts players into the power plays, intrigues, and betrayals of fallen lords as they vie for one of the richest cities in the world. Will you seize the oppertunity for power and glory from the talons of your rivals, scheme from the shadows, or unite the outcasts of fallen society in a struggle for freedom and the souls of humankind?


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Chapter One: After the FireEdit

The history of Los Angeles, including how the Earthbound helped create it, and the city today.

Chapter Two: Broken WingsEdit

The groups fighting over or for the city, and more information on Lucifer's past whereabouts.

Chapter Three: Behind the MaskEdit

The players and playas of the Los Angeles fallen.

Chapter Four: The Infernal CourtEdit

Details on the original Infernal Court and the one trying to form in modern times.

Chapter Five: Lost SoulsEdit

Those outside of the power plays, just trying to survive.

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