City Parent (more commonly known as City Fathers and City Mothers) are spirits that embody a particular city.


Most Garou believe that City Parents are Epiphlings that most often manifest in the Penumbra of their given city, although some have connections to other Realms (like the CyberRealm or, more dangerously, the Scar and the Wicked City). While most Garou balk at anything related to a city as Weaver-tainted, City Parents are not necessarily aligned with the Weaver. They will only manifest in what locals think of as a city. In some parts of Europe, anywhere with at least 50,000 people living in it generates a City Mother, while in much of the United States, a city needs at least a quarter of a million people to produce one. Some believe that the interconnectivity of humanity, brought through the telegraph and the internet, accelerates the growth of a City Parent.

While likely present earlier, they began to appear in the 1900s, [1] although Adam Sutton, a Ragabash of the Glass Walkers, discovered the first known City Father, that of London in 1882. Shortly afterward, other City Parents were discovered in several other cities.[2] Some believe that the discrepancy is between what the Garou perceive a City Parent should be and how they actually form. These old beings cared more for the people who lived there, while modern City Fathers care more for the city itself — the bricks and stones, rather than the population. As spiritual representatives of the city, they manifest their whole history, even from before the time they actually manifested.

Some City Parents are willing to act as Totems to packs of Garou, often with the ban that they cannot leave the boundaries of the city. Most seek to expand their territory and run afoul of hostile Fera who want to protect a Wyld place. Some among the Garou Nation hope that the installation of urban Caerns will have a positive influence on a City Parent, keeping them from becoming corrupted by Weaver or Wyrm.

Known City ParentsEdit

Potential City ParentsEdit

While not explicitly stated to exist, several additional City Parents are implied to exist.



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