Citlacoatl, the Feathered Serpent King is a totem, or Jamak, of the Fera.


A crafty, clever spirit, Citlacóatl floats across the humid forests and arid plains, chuckling to himself. His folk know the tiny shadows where even Bastet never venture, and they listen from the newspaper’s shade and the hanging branch as humans scurry about their short little lives. The Feathered Serpent King is endless, and like his folk, understands the ways between life and death. His jaunts span the Three Worlds of creation, and his tongue tastes the essence of Gaffling, ghost and Epiph alike. Only Pumonca and Balam understand the wisdom Citlacóatl brings; most other Bastet disdain his council and chew his children between their fangs. Fair enough — cats may have nine lives, but serpents are eternal. Citlacóatl watched the rise and fall of Aztecs, Incas, Mayans, Olmecs and so many others, and he watches their ghosts even now, wandering through the Flayed Lands as if they still lived. Mortal men amuse the Serpent King. A cat who respects the spirit’s wisdom might learn to share that humor — or to fear it.

Favors & Ban Edit

  • Background Cost: 3

Favors Edit

Citlacóatl winds between the worlds of life, death, consciousness, and dream. To find him, a werecat enters a trance and goes seeking. Occasionally, the Serpent King follows the werecat, if only for amusement. There’s a lot of fun to be had in mortal warfare; Citlacóatl has an odd (some would say sick) sense of humor. Bastet who make him laugh or protect his kind might learn the Rite of Nine Lives or the Gift: Walking Between Worlds. More often than not, Citlacóatl just sends snakes to his allies’ aid, or teaches them the Dance of the Cobra if they’re admirably wise and persistent.


Although there are similarities between Citlacóatl and King Snake, the two have never come to an accord. A follower of one becomes the foe of the other. Citlacóatl also hates the agents of the Unmaker Wyrm; creation is too much fun to be destroyed.


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