Cities of Darkness Volume 3 is a collected sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade. it contains Dark Colony and Alien Hunger.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
The American Dream...
City life crushes our spirit. Traffic. Crime. Corruption. Inhumanity. Rumors and legends abound as we strive to cope each horror and save what's left of our identities, before we become the monsters that stalk the urban sprawl. But for some it's too late. The legends are true. The monsters are real. They are among us.
Is Dead
Cities of Darkness Volume 3 is an account of Kindred control, corruption and conspiracies across America. This book combines the previously out-of-print Dark Colony and Alien Hunger in one volume with an all-new cover. Mountains and oceans mean nothing in this battle of vampires.
Cities of Darkness Volume 3 features:
  • One more shot at these rare Vampire supplements.
  • Information about the undead of New England, from the age of the witch-hunts to modern day.
  • A glimpse of Denver nights, and an introductory story to set any Vampire chronicle in motion.

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