Cities of Darkness Volume 1 is a collected sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
Urban Legends...
City life crushes out spirit. Traffic. Crime. Corruption. Inhumanity. Rumors and legends abound as we strive to cope each horror and save what's left of our identities, before we become the monsters that stalk the urban sprawl. But for some it's too late. The legends are true. The monsters are real. They are among us.
Come To Unlife
Cities of Darkness Volume 1 combines the early and hard-to-find Vampire supplements D.C. by Night and New Orleans by Night. What goes on in the nation's capitol and America's party town after dark, when the undead come out? Perhaps much the same things. It's all one big celebration. BYOB (bring your own blood).
Cities of Darkness Vol 1 Includes:
  • The chance to get these out-of-print Vampire supplements, combined under one new cover.
  • All the politics, machinations, double-dealing and intrigue of Kindred politicians in the nation's capital
  • An invitation to all the parties, street dances, carnivals and bloodlettings of the Big Easy

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