Circle of the Crone is a sourcebook for Vampire: The Requiem. It focuses on the Circle of the Crone and the secrets the covenant hides.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

"We don't worship the same gods, you and I,
but we're more alike than you think.
Together, we are keeping something alive - something that has lived for thousands of years despite the wavering faith of mortal men.
The old gods are not dead. They live within us.
We give them life, warm blood, and they keep us from death.
That's our covenant, our promise. Everything else is fashion."
- Gwenyth the Grey, Acolyte Princess-in-Exile
This book includes:
  • A look at the religion and culture of the Circle of the Crone - the vampire covenant made up of myriad pagan cults - and the Circle's worship of venerable creator goddesses
  • Details about the nature of an Acolyte's Requiem, including guides to mythic roles, spirit contact and holy nights - useful whether you play a member of the Circle or have dealings with priests of the covenant
  • The secret powers of the pagan Damned, with new bloodlines and factions drawn from as far away as Ireland and Japan, new mystic Disciplines and more than 25 new blood sorcery rituals
Circle of the Crone is a supplement for Vampire: The Requiem. For use with the World of Darkness Rulebook.

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