Name: Cimitiere
Plural: Cimitiere
Nickname: None
Parent Clan: Nosferatu
Disciplines: Auspex, Nightmare, Obfuscate, Vigor

The Cimitiere bloodline is a personal project of Baron Cimitiere, a powerful houngan and religious leader in New Orleans. Whether he has actually succeeded in establishing a bloodline is unclear, as he keeps his attempts a closely guarded secret.

Cimitiere believes he was not Embraced, but rather raised from the dead by his patron loa, Baron Samedi. He has tried to instill in his childer both his devout faith and his particular brand of Cruac in a way that can pass through the blood. More ambitiously, he believes it may be possible to induct Kindred into his hypothetical bloodline through magic, or even to use the power of the loa to mass-Embrace childer with no loss of willpower. While he is unlikely to achieve such extreme goals, the mere fact that he is seeking them could upset the balance of power in the city.

References Edit

Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Nosferatu clan

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