Cicatriz is a Nosferatu antitribu and one of the current Sabbat bishops of Tijuana.


Born as one of the lowest among the low within Mexico City, Cicatriz quickly came to hate the world he lived in. Filled with a powerful survival instinct, he killed his own brother for the need of sustenance. When he was Embraced as a simple shovelhead during a Sabbat raid across the border, he quickly proved his worth when he, despite the agonies of the transformation into a hideous monster, managed to kill and drain one of his brethren and only through the efforts of the pack leader could he be subdued.

Although his position within the Sabbat was again at the bottom, Cicatriz dedicated himself to gaining personal power by any means necessary, proving his resolve in monomacies and trials to overcome his fears, even absolving a formal education as an undead. When his pack had reached Oaxatl, Cicatriz had risen to the position of Pack Priest, when his pack turned to finding native vampires and artifacts from the time of the Mayas. After five years of studying and challenges, Cicatriz came to believe that a methuselah from the earliest pre-Columbian cultures must rest in the jungles of South America.

Only he himself and two of his pack members returned from the expedition and brought with them various gold trinkets and rubbings of ancient tablets. After that, the pack parted ways and Cicatriz returned to Mexico City, committing himself to translating the tablets from his expedition. One night, however, he gathered all his belongings and turned to Tijuana, where his ruthlessness and knowledge quickly earned him the title of bishop. Changed, Cicatriz began to attempt to direct the struggles of the Sabbat more in the realms of the Jyhad and educate his brethren about Noddism and the history of the Sabbat, adapting the Path of Caine in the process.

For now, he and Tara of Los Angeles are locked in maneuvers over the control of San Diego and the border regions, for Cicatriz believes that the region is the key to some great move in the Jyhad and must be taken by the Sabbat.

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