Churka, according to Gangrel myth, was the twin brother of Ennoia. This is one of the many names used to describe the Ravnos Progenitor.


Thousands of years ago, there was a god who had many children and his children fought as children are expected to do. Ennoia and Churka, the youngest and a pair of twins, chose to leave their quarrelsome siblings and travel east to the lands of their mother.

Unable to escape their quarrelsome nature and without a father to control them, the twins came to blows. Evenly and perfectly matched, they could not face each other directly with a definite victor. And so the twins began to recruit armies - Ennoia recruited an army of the bravest warriors, and Churka, the most cunning.

They battled at night so that the other gods would not learn of their feud. These two armies fought for centuries but at some point, when it was believed Ennoia’s army would finally have victory, she was betrayed by her two best warriors, Laibon and Lhiannan. Without two of her generals, however, the battle tilted in the favor of Churka’s army.

Saddened by this betrayal, Ennoia left her childer and disappeared. Soon, without the support of their progenitor, and battling Churka's get - who were aided by the demonic Giants of the East that served him - Ennoia's army was eventually defeated and pushed out of their lands in the east.

From that night on they called themselves the Gangrel, and traveled towards West, meeting their other Cainite cousins. Even today some Gangrel believe that when Churka and his army are destroyed and the betrayers punished, Ennoia would finally come back to her children.


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