Chupacabra is a type of Spectre seen in Orpheus. They fall into the category of Spectres that were never human but instead spawned from Oblivion. Chupacabras resemble predatory animals, albeit with a bloated, decayed appearance. Their main means of operation is to possess living animals to do their bidding, but their sharp teeth and claws and thick hides make sure they can handle any threats personally directed at them. They pursue their goals with a single-mindedness very few other Spectre breeds possess. A Chupacabra only stops when they have completed their work, or are destroyed. Rogue ones are especially dangerous as they have no direction and will kill indiscriminately until eliminated.

Uriah Bishop, head of the Missionary Works of the Holy Ghost, has several Chupacabra at his command, which he uses as bodyguards and enforcers. He also uses them to execute rogue cult members and projectors that get in his way. Chupacabras were part of the attack force on the NextWorld’s raid of the Orpheus Group.