Chung Kuel Star-Breaker, born as Trips-Her-Foes, was a legendary Nuwisha that lived in the times before the Europeans came to the Pure Lands.


By her 17th year, she had already been to China and Africa. She was competitive and curious, which are always good things to be. She followed Chung Kuel, for she liked the idea of having her enemies suffer bad luck. She was so adept at beating her enemies that she, like Laughing Manyskins, was granted Coyote's Blessing. Trips-Her-Foes was given the ability to fly like raven and eyes as sharp as an eagle's. She could see events a hundred miles away, as if they were within mere feet of her.

When she was very young, one of the Wyrm's great minions awoke from its slumber. Her family and her husband were among those destroyed before Earth-Breaker left the area. When Trips-Her-Foes returned to the village, all that remained was a great hole where the Wyrmling once rested. She angrily followed Earth-Breaker across the Land, seeking revenge for what it had done to her people. When she found the beast, she took on the Manabozho form and began her battle. They fought for many days and many nights. Earth-Breaker kept attacking and Trips-Her-Foes kept avoiding its ponderous assaults, while making small cuts that barely hurt the bane at all.

When her patience wore thin, Trips-Her-Foes insulted Earth-Breaker's heritage and escaped into the Umbra. The great Bane was so angry that it gave chase, pursuing the Nuwisha in a blind rage. At last the Earth-Breaker had Trips-Her-Foes cornered where she could not escape, and he lunged forward, his mouth open to swallow her. Trips-Her-Foes then moved, and tripped the Wyrmling, sending it crashing into a star. The star exploded and was destroyed, but it took Earth-Breaker with it. The Nuwisha have called her Chung Kuel Star-Breaker ever since.


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