Chung Kuel is a totem of the Fera.


Chung Kuel is the Breaker of Odds and the Giver of Luck. Both good and bad fortune ride on the tails of Chung Kuel's children.

Traits & Ban

  • Background Cost: 6


Chung Kuel's followers can cast bad luck on targets who deserve to suffer. When visiting a casino run by corrupt mobsters, a Chung Kuel might cause all of the slot machines to give away the largest prizes possible. A Nuwisha could also cause the eletrical system to short out in a plane that was supposed to be the villain's escape, or cause a pistol to jam and misfire when an enemy is aiming to gun down an innocent hostage. This luck is powerful, but only works in direct proportion to how Wyrm-corrupt an opponent is. Once per story (not necessarily at the player's request), the Storyteller should roll a die. If she rolls a 1, nothing happens. On a roll of 2-9, something minor happens to inconvenience the target of a Chung Kuel's anger. A 10 means almost certain disaster for the enemy of the Nuwisha, at the Storyteller's discretion. Storytellers shouldn't hand victory to the player by use of this power, but it certainly works well for granting a Nuwisha a well-deserved second chance. Followers of Chung Kuel also add two dice to all Stealth-and Subterfuge-related rolls.


Chung Kuel asks that the abilities he grants be used only against those who knowingly follow the Wyrm.


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