A Chronos Cage is a type of treasure of House Leanhaun.

Overview Edit

These treasures are created by Leanhaun crafters using the Art of Chronos. They are room sized zones where time passes more slowly, extending the time that those within them can remain in a freehold or the Dreaming without succumbing to Bedlam. The generally extend time in hourly, daily, or weekly increments. Despite the name, they are not cages but look like rooms with working doors and are linked to create house-size dwellings for the Dreamers that the Eternal Order of Dreams has brought to the Dreaming to save for Endless Winter. Outside the Cells time passes normally. While Sidhe are less affected by the unsettling effect of these cages, anyone else will be disoriented. (roll Stamina difficulty 8 or be unable to use any Arts or mental skills for 24 hours after leaving the cage. For each success the fae may use one die of their dice pool for using said skills. A botch results in the difficulties lasting 48 hours.)

References Edit

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