Chronicle of the Black Labyrinth is a chapbook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse, compiling in-universe documents from Black Spiral Dancers, their Kinfolk, and other servants of the Wyrm.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Beware. Beware those who would keep you from this book and prevent you from gleaning the truths within. Their claws are sharp, their teeth many and their sinews mighty. Their fur stinks of the heath and their breath steams the vision. They lie with beasts and walk like beasts, yet speak as men. They would hinder the true path of the soul onward, binding it to the earth and the cycle of death and devourment.
They want you not to read further, for herein are secrets best left unlearned, tales of which poison their good green Earth, recitals of names which cause the ears to bleed, the eyes to blue and see that which is unseen. Loose the chains which bind the mind and set it free to wander a spiraling journey about all obstacles, burrowing to the heart of Truth, past the Web of deceit to meet the Master of us all.
Come, ye faithful, and witness the sermons of the Wyrm.

Preface to the 1995 EditionEdit

Preface to the 1970 EditionEdit


Book I: The Epoch of CalamityEdit

1. A Centurion's LettersEdit

2. Fabulae et Cantae ScottiEdit

Book II: The Epoch of ConsumptionEdit

3. The Trial of the Black MonkEdit

4. Ex Disputandem Re Supernibus ab Probati Quaesitori AdversariqueEdit

Book III: The Epoch of CorruptionEdit

5. Professor Webley and the Strange Case of the Mysterious OrientalEdit

6. The Rites of the Laird of Demborough at Phlegma AbbeyEdit

Part i: The Rite of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Maeljin Incarna and of the Evocation and Union of the UrgeEdit
Part ii: Liber O.O.O.: On the Grades of Initiation, Their Titles and Duties, With Reference to the Challenges Encountered within the Black Spiral LabyrinthEdit
Part iii: Liber C.C.C.: On The Procession of Epochs, The Evocative Keys of the Urges, and The Maeljin Incarna Attendant ThereuntoEdit



On the Road with Chucko the MonkeyboyEdit

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