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A chronicle is an ongoing saga that spans multiple stories that feed into a larger storyline or setting. Not all stories contribute to a larger chronicle, as many Storytellers prefer to use more numerous short-term stories in lieu of long-form chronicles. Some troupes refer to their group's shared version of their setting as their chronicle; for example, a game set in the New Orleans of the Chronicles of Darkness might be called the "New Orleans Chronicle". Many chronicles, particularly those set in the Classic World of Darkness, become epic in scope as their events play out.

Published chronicles include The Ventrue Chronicle and the four-volume Giovanni Chronicles and Transylvania Chronicles series, all of which begin in the historical era of Vampire: The Masquerade and end in the present day.

In the Chronicles of Darkness[1][2], the parts of a chronicle are listed as:

  • Chapters - A single gaming session.
  • Stories - A collection of chapters that resolves a plotline.
  • Chronicles - A set of stories that encompasses a grand overarching plot.