Chromatics (sometimes called "toads" or "lizards") are one of the alien races present in the Trinity Universe. They first contacted humans with an unprovoked attack on Karroo Mining Colony in 2113. They use stolen Earth technology and kidnapped psions to supplement their own capabilities.


The name "Chromatics" refers to their glowing, multicolored skin; their language is encoded in the light patterns they display. Consequently, Chromatics do not wear clothing, merely belts to facilitate carrying tools and weapons. They also appear to have natural photokinetic abilities, allowing them to cloak themselves and block or neutralize laser-based weaponry. Chromatics are an amphibious species, with three-toed appendages and two sets of eyes on a blunt head.


The Chromatics evolved in the underground seas of their homeworld, which humans designated Chrome Prime. They were a strictly hierarchical and war-like species for most of their history. Some time following the Earth Strike Ultimatum, a group of Aberrants arrived on Chrome Prime and attempted to conquer it. The Chromatics won the war against these "corruptors" at a heavy cost.

Circa 2093, the Chromatics were visited by "the Bodiless Ones," a faction of the Doyen posing as gods. The Bodiless Ones, through Chromatic intercessors called "Witnesses," urged the Chromatics to take the fight to the "corruptors'" home world and wipe them out. In just twenty years, the Chromatics developed their first space-faring vessels, using Earth-based designs passed to them by the Doyen and kidnapping members of the Upeo wa Macho psi order to access teleportation abilities.


The Chromatics are war-like, but they distinguish between "black war" and "blue war." A blue war is fought under negotiated constraints, between two sides who are recognized as equals; a black war is a war of total annihalation fought against an inferior foe. Chromatics regard Aberrants, and by extension all humans, as lesser beings and thus fit only for black war, but it may be possible to change their minds.