Pronunciation: tchih'-truh bhah'-noo
Nicknames: chibs, dark psions
Proxy: S. K. Bhurano
Aptitude: quantakinesis

The Chitra Bhanu was one of eight Psi Orders in the Trinity era. As with the other psi orders, the Chitra Bhanu was founded in 2103 by one of the eight proxies — specifically, Proxy S. K. Bhurano.

Members of the Chitra Bhanu are often referred to as quantakinetics (after their Aptitude), chibs (slang from the order's name), or dark psions (due to the perceived fall of the order and its psions).

Headquartered at the Bombay Institute in Mumbai, India, the Institute's home geographical area is the Bharati Commonwealth. The Order's Prometheus Chamber was presumably located somewhere in the Institute, and triggered the few valid latents to the quantakinesis Aptitude. Quantakinesis mimicked Aberrants' ability to manipulate quantum, but through the secondary medium of psi. Thus, effects were generally at a lower power level than Aberrants typically manifested.


Early Years Edit

The Chitra Bhanu had a short, but intense lifespan. Founded primarily as a test by the Doyen, the chibs went public along with the other seven orders in 2106. They had a reputation for being "soft" on Aberrants as early as 2107. Rumors of "insane" practices and "dangerous science" continued to circulate, along with the rumor that Bhurano had somehow managed to cure Aberrant Syndrome.

Bhurano's last public appearance was at the first Noetic Conference in 2109. Shortly afterward, the Doyen generated panic and fear among the populace (particularly among psions) regarding the Chitra Bhanu. Various psi orders organized attack forces and sent them to the Bombay Institute. Bhurano called all quantakinetics in from the field, and ordered them to open the other orders with open arms.

The resulting slaughter came to be known simply as the Chitra Bhanu Purge. The chibs' Prometheus Chamber was disassembled, and its parts destroyed.

Recent History Edit

Not so much a history of the order as a history of its members, many quantakinetics were taken captive by the Norça and told they could either work for the Norça or be killed. Most chose the former, and have been assigned to secret research facilities within the Venezuelan Quarantine Zone.

The Future Edit

Organization Edit

The Chitra Bhanu currently have little to no organization whatsoever, beyond what structure they have as part of the Norça. This, of course, doesn't apply to chibs who are still on their own.

Non-canon Edit

Back when the Chitra Bhanu were still active, they were divided into four separate groups:

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