Garou glyph for sacrifice.

A chiminage is the ritual payment that follows the interaction with spirits. The Fera, through their ancient pacts and connections to the Umbra, are the most prominent practitioners of chiminage, but other spirit-sensitive groups like the Dreamspeakers or the Lhiannan do also regularly practice these rites.


While not every interaction with a spirit demands chiminage, requesting aid, teaching or service from a spirit certainly does. The demands of chiminage could be any variety of things: animal-spirits may ask that the Garou help their mortal equivalents, emotion-spirits may ask the Garou to bring their emotion to everyone they meet. The exact price can be bargained by the individual spirit and the individual Garou.


What a spirit asks for is generally in line with their nature and the goals of themselves or the greater spirits they serve. Theurges often find themselves in a constant state of spiritual accounting, working their way out of debt to the spirits while garnering further favors from them. Some of these debts and pacts are as ancient as the fera themselves.

Fulfilling chiminage, or surpassing the expectations of the spirits, is a very honorable act, and one that often guarantees the Garou will be held in high esteem by that spirit and those related to it.

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