Chimerical Firearms are a Level 2, 3, or 4 Nocker Treasure.



It is incredibly difficult to cause chemical reactions in the Dreaming so chimerical firearms are not common. However, the Weapons Guild has managed to create several types of custom-made firearms that are just as accurate as their Autumn counterparts. Most are extremely ornate, looking like old dueling pistols and flintlocks, yet still have the firepower of modern weapons. Since mundane weapons are useless against chimera, a chimerical gun can be just the thing for taking down the dragon that's been terrorizing the land. A changeling can also use a chimerical gun against an enchanted human or fellow fae without causing permanent physical damage, though the rules regarding Chimerical Damage still apply.


A light pistol or revolver is a 2 point treasure. Heavy pistols and rifles cost 3. A player must spend 4 for a machine gun, assault rifle, automatic shotgun, or the like. Each gun comes with 10 rounds of ammo for each background point invested as well (so a machine gun comes with 40 bullets). Characters may acquire 20 boys rounds per extra point spent on the treasure.


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