A Chimera is any object, animate or inanimate, from the Dreaming, or made of the essence of the Dreaming. In practical use, "chimera" refers to an animate and likely sentient creature of the Dreaming, while an inanimate object would be referred to as "chimerical" (e.g. a chimerical sword). Even so, an inanimate object from the dreaming is still technically a chimera. It is unclear what is formally a chimera and what is not as one progressed deeper into the Dreaming. By technical definition, anything that exists in the Dreaming that is not fae or an exotic material (such as a visiting mage) would be a chimera, down to every last blade of grass, grain of sand, and particle of dust.

Chimera are generally visible only to those who can see into the Dreaming, and are highly susceptible to Banality. They possess a sort of magic called redes. Redes are given as a hodge-podge of powers to a chimera using a specific point-based system, or by the Storyteller. Some redes include the ability to deal aggravated damage, or to become Wyrd for a time.

Incidental Chimera

Are brought about through minor daydreams and fantasies. These chimera are flimsy and fragile like soap bubbles at best.

Dreamed Chimera

Are much sturdier and tend to come about by the act of a changeling undergoing Chrysalis. These chimera still may not stand up to the abuses of every day banality.

Crafted Chimera

Are Chimera that have been formed using traditional means of crafting handiwork and the Changelings own personal Glamour. These Chimera tend to be able to stand up to more abuse.

Forged Chimera

Only Nockers, Boggan, and some Eshu, have enough skill needed to bring on the Art of Infusion. This Art, an act of pure creation in of itself, is what helps bring about Forged Chimera. Only Nockers (and a few members of the Sidhe of House Dougal are allowed to practice this Art. Chimera brought about in this manner are the most resilient of chimerical things.

Banal Chimera

While most Chimera tend to be helpful, there are also dangerous forms of Chimera. One of these that is even more dangerous than most is what is called a Banal Chimera. A living paradox, Banal Chimera are very dangerous indeed. Possessing both Glamour and Banality, they go about wrecking terror and putting all Kithain they come into contact in danger.

Banal Chimera can come about in many ways, just as any other Chimera. From broken oaths, to fears and doubts of Kithian themselves. They however need glamour to survive, for their own banality will eventually undo them.


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