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Children of the Revolution is a sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition. The book is similar to Who's Who Among Vampires: Children of the Inquisition and Children of the Night, providing a thematic book of Storyteller characters for use in any chronicle.


From the Onyx Path Catalog:

Children of the Revolution tells the stories of noteworthy or notorious Kindred of the modern nights whose Embraces came in times of unrest, rebellion, or open revolution. The circumstances of these revolutions might have been mortal or undead, martial or cultural. These Kindred joined the ranks of the Damned under tides of war or cultural upheaval, and their blood bears the mark of change from one paradigm into another. Sometimes they are the agents of change. For others, their revolution drags them in its wake.
The world of the Kindred is always fraught with blood and danger, and Embrace amid the fires of revolution only heightens that fact. Here are Kindred who have risen to guide the Black Hand, who have led the armies of Alexander, who have earned the Lex Talionis, and who have been reborn in the fires of the Arab Spring. Their histories have been forged, but their futures remain to be determined by your troupe.
Children of the Revolution includes:
  • A clan-by-clan look at Embrace habits during times of unrest.
  • Eighteen characters who can be dropped into rebellion-based chronicles or have whole chronicles built around them.
  • A trove of secrets heretofore hidden among the societies of the Damned.




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Lizette Cordoba

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The Nabatean

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Svein "Azrael" Fortinbras

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Lady Willoughby

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Edgardo Robbia

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Dastur Anosh

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Laurette Morel

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The Hangman's Bride

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Nasch the Circassian

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Marc de Brabant

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Roderigo al-Dakhil

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Andrew Seneca

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Jaromir Cerny

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Colm Olliver

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Esperanza Lucifer

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