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Children of the Night is a sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade describing the most noteworthy Kindred from across the World of Darkness.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Conclaves, Covens and Councils
In the world of the Kindred, vampires lurk behind every shadow, planning their machinations and watching their prey. But who watches the watchers? Powerful Kindred from all sects (and none) move among their peers, protecting the Masquerade, interpreting the traditions of Caine, leading the Sabbat against the Antediluvians or subtly pulling strings in the darkness. Who are the most feared and most powerful vampires in the World of Darkness?
Immortal Evil Unveiled
Children of the Night fully details the heavy-hitters of Vampire's World of Darkness. Included are the justicars and many archons of the Camarilla well as key princes, bishops, pack priests, Sabbat cardinals and prisci and an inscrutable Inconnu or two - all the undead to know... and fear.


Chapter One: Scions of the Sabbat

Profiles on notable members of the Sabbat, from Seraphim to Blood Brothers.

Black Hand
Sabbat Inquisition
Other Cainites of Note

Others of Note

Chapter Two: Pillars of the Camarilla

Profiles on notable members of the Camarilla, from Justicars to the thin-blooded.

Noteworthy Princes and Primogen
Other Kindred of Note

Chapter Three: Independents and Inconnu

Profiles on Kindred not affiliated with neither Camarilla nor Sabbat, drawn from the ranks of the independent clans (including the Gangrel) and the Inconnu.

Memorable Quotes

We enjoy these things; innocent voices of helpless little children subject to the perverted discretion of hard-core monsters.
  —  Petr Palensky
Tell me why your conscience lies

And all your guilt is gone

Don't you feel you ever could be wrong?

  —  Godhead, Suffer

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