The Children of Lazarus are sub-branch of the Society of Leopold, that focuses on the destruction of the undead - especially vampires.


Our Lord Jesus Christ is the only one who could triumph over death, and it is only by His power that we are able to do the same.
The Children of Lazarus see the existence of any being that denies the call of the grave as an affront against Jesus Christ himself and are dedicated to wipe them out. Although the Children have formed mor recently in the 18th century, they recall the Testament of Leopold of Murnau closest.

In their zeal to drive out the stain of blasphemous immortality from the Earth, they view other branches of the Society as deluded and focusing on the wrong enemies. Time, they reason, will eventually kill both the witch and the werewolf, but the vampire will endure until the Parousia if no one stands against him. They work occasionally together with the Fathers of the Good Death.


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