The Children of Judas are a bloodline of the Daeva Clan that is usually found within the Lancea Sanctum.


Many Kindred hate and fear the so-called Suicide Kings and Queens. A cynic might suggest the Kindred hate and fear most other kindred, but the Children of Judas endure some extra suspicion. They bring the siren call of self-destruction to other vampires as well as mortals. Their parent clan, the Daeva, slake their own desires by arousing the desires of others. The Suicide Kings and Queens gain the power to arouse the darkest, most enigmatic and perverse desire of all.

More than a mere handful in any city of these Suicide Kings and Queens, causes a skyrocketing count of suicides in the mortal population, thus drawing the ire of those trying to protect the Masquerade. They are generally driven out of most cities forcefully and with extreme prejudice.


In addition to the standard Daeva weakness, a Child of Judas who resists the chance to explore another person's emotional pain loses a Willpower point, but gains one for indulging in her desire.

Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Daeva clan

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