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The Children of Isaac are a coterie of vampires Embraced in 1444 CE. They are central characters (the player characters) in the Giovanni Chronicles.


Initially, the Conspiracy of Isaac was Augustus Giovanni's plot to diablerize Cappadocius, thus making himself an equal to the Antediluvians. His son, Claudius, built partial support for the scheme among the rest of the clans, who distrusted the increasingly secretive Cappadocians.

Claudius hosted a "dinner" party in 1444 for the conspirators, providing a number of human vessels for them to feed on. When the Founders of the Camarilla attacked, however, the conspirators panicked, and Embraced many of these vessels to provide a distraction while they fled.

The survivors of that night were Marianna, childe of Claudius himself, and the so-called "Children of Isaac". The Camarilla hoped to use these disoriented neonates to stop the Giovanni plot, without success. The Children of Isaac were called together twice more: once in 1666, by the Camarilla, to investigate the theft of a number of sacred texts by Ambrogino Giovanni, and once again in 1848 when one of those texts resurfaced in London. The Children were occasionally aided by Marianna, but she was never a permanent part of the coterie.

In 1999, the Children of Isaac – now powerful elders in their own right – were forced to seek help from certain Giovanni functionaries in order to prevent a vengeful Cappadocius from resurrecting.