Children's Crusade
The Children's Crusade is a group of Unseelie Childlings, mostly Redcaps, who act as assassins.

Overview Edit

The Children's Crusade is made up mostly of recap childlings, thought there are some young wilders as well, and their one goal is to assassinate as many Seelie Nobility as possible. The group is popular among Anarchists and Repudiators, though some Modernists also support them as a means of increasing the power of the commoners. The actual assassins are almost always childlings as they are able to flirt more easily with the Banality that comes from killing another fae. They are also less likely to feel guilt over what they've done and some, in fact, act as if it's all a cartoon and their victims will get up and brush themselves off after the anvil crushes them. Others get away with it by crying tears of regret and saying the ubiquitous childling "oops."

References Edit

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