The Childling Underground Railroad is a group of fae who help find safety for homeless childlings during the current turmoil in Concordia after the disappearance of High King David Ardry.

Overview Edit

Jenni Quick, a Seelie Redcap Wilder, was one of the early victims of the crackdown on commoners after the disappearance of the High King. She saw her freehold home overrun by Sidhe knights in retaliation for an alleged attack on the local lord and his retinue. They were innocent but she and her motley lost their home and some of her friends died on the chimerical blades of their attackers. Since then, Jenni and her friends have dedicated themselves to finding and protecting outcast childlings too young to care for themselves. These wilders looked to history and set up a network of safe houses and enlisted willing Kinain and enchanted mortals to help them. The Railroad continues to grow as more and more casualties of the impending war are to there. Any young charges who show interest can also sign up and get "on-the-job" training.

References Edit

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