Childlings are one of the seemings of Kithain society. Generally a childling is between the ages of three and 13 years old, though the real barrier is the first signs of puberty. After that point, the Kithain is considered a wilder.


Childlings live a life of contradictions. They are wise beyond their apparent age, but their innocence and imagination gives them a unique link to the Dreaming and many have lived countless lifetimes, though they may not realize it currently. As they don't understand adult life, they often see things others can't.

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In many ways they are like mortal children; the world is their playground and they love the spectacle and pageantry of their faerie lives. While older fae can mistake them as passive and peaceful, all of the Glamour coursing through them can make them powerful centers of chaos. The worst are vicious, feral, or entitled while the best are precociously imaginative.

Their innocence brings them closer to the Dreaming than their older fae family and Banality affects them the least. Life is a never ending faerie tale, though some of those tales can be dark, grim, or tragic. They can have problems being taken seriously by their elders especially the ones who are too caught up in the game of life. Noble childlings experience this as much as their commoner counterparts.

They often have to hide their natures from adults who think they know what's best for them and many of them run away when the pressures of the world become to great for them, living entirely in freeholds that will care for them. They enjoy a certain amount of privilege in kithain society; they are nurtured, taught, and encouraged and often forgiven their misdeeds in their learning. This inexperience, though, also keeps them pushed out of adult endeavors, and can force them to live entirely in their own reality where playtime is all the time.

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