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Chicago Chronicles Volume 3 is a collection of previously published sourcebooks printed into one book for Vampire: The Masquerade. It contains Milwaukee by Night, Ashes to Ashes, and Blood Bond (book).


From the White Wolf Catalog:
It Was the Best of Times
The War for Chicago rages on as vampires lash out at each other to seize power, and struggle tooth and nail with invading werewolves. The city is on fire. The prince is dead. Everything's gone to hell. It's a time for new legends. Renown and infamy are up for grabs. Which one will be yours?
It Was the Worst of Times
Chicago Chronicles Volume 3 is a compilation of three classic Vampire: The Masquerade sourcebooks: Milwaukee By Night, Ashes to Ashes and Blood Bond. Previously out of print and almost impossible to find, these books are now repackaged under a new cover. Volume 3 concludes the War for Chicago, telling the tales that unfold in the city under siege.
Chicago Chronicles Volume 3 Features:
  • Three classic Vampire sourcebooks: Milwaukee By Night, Ashes to Ashes and Blood Bond, three of the books that established the world of Vampire.
  • The final chapter in the epic fall of Chicago. The Kindred who survive to tell their stories will rule. But what will the neighbors think?
  • A complete city setting is in your hands. Know your own strength?
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