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Chiara della Passiglia is a Giovanni treasure hunter of the family Della Passaglia and sire of the the Courier from Vampire The Masquerade - Night Road, if they are Hecata. The della Passiglias are usually related to each other by blood and keep a close watch on their mortal bloodlines, which is how they choose who to Embrace. Family is eternal — but no one hates like Family, either.

Chiara regularly goes into danger to acquire rare and powerful artifacts, although more often in the past than now. She is powerful necromancer. She wants the fetter so she can interrogate the wraith about what happened at the Family Reunion, which formed the modern Clan Hecata, and hopefully use what it tells her to solidify an alliance between the Ministry and the Hecata.


  • Often uses various identities. Her preferred "tactics" is to pretend to die, and then return under a different name. Previously she called herself Violetta (it is under this name that she Embraced the Courier, if they are Hecata).
  • Is said to owe money to Ming Xiao (although Chiara herself claims she already paid that debt).
  • For helping her acquire the fetter, will reward the Courier with either money, her car, or allow to pick from a small selection of artifacts (that either provide help in combat, or secure a haven from hunters).