Chi is a term used in the Middle Kingdom to describe the stuff of life itself, the vital energy that drives the universe. Its poisoned form is known as Tainted Chi.


Chi pulses through the world along Ley Lines, coalescing at dragon nests. Although all of the Shen of the Middle Kingdom utilize Chi in some manner, they all use different types of Chi which are not necessarily compatible.

Kuei-jin Edit

The Kuei-jin process chi internally, absorbing it from various energies of life (blood, breath, their surroundings) in order to animate their bodies. The body of a Kuei-jin acts like an alembic that distills consumed chi into two kinds of bodily ichors that they use.

Kuei-jin maintain three kinds of chi.

  • Yin chi, also referred to as Black Chi, is cold, dark, wet, dead, feminine, passive; it is the energy of the corpse. Kuei-jin who use Yin chi are able to operate for longer periods without burning energy, but they adopt a corpselike mien. Within a Kuei-jin's body, it coalesces into a viscous, blackish liquid or a heavy black mist. When consuming Yin chi, the experience is dark, soothing and deceptively intoxicating, similar to a narcotic.
  • Yang chi, also referred to as Scarlet Chi, is hot, bright, dry, alive, masculine, active; by burning yang chi, Kuei-jin are able to masquerade as living creatures, but burn the energy quickly. Yang chi transforms a seething, effervescent liquid or gas that flows freely through the Kuei-jin corpse. Consumption of Yang chi is a heady, often euphoric, experience.

Absorbing too much chi for too long results in chi imbalance, where the vampire is subject to permanent changes. Vampires with an excess of Yin become more corpselike, adopting the frightening appearance of a ch'ing shih. Vampires with too much Yang become too lively - a host for diseases and possibly also children.

In addition to Yin and Yang chi, Kuei-jin also have access to Demon Chi, energy provided by their P'o. Demon chi allows potent physical activity, but also risks causing shadow soul if used too much.

When Kuei-jin use disciplines, they are often required to spend chi of a certain type. This is the major use of chi, apart from animating a corpse.


The Shinma generate their own chi for use. Yugen, also called Golden Chi, shares many similarities with what the Kithain know as Glamour.

Chi'n Ta Edit

The Chi'n Ta use Chi in its pure state, and are thus able to alter the nature of the Middle Kingdom itself. This form of Chi is known to Western mages as Quintessence, and is the same thing as Gnosis, Sekhem, and Glamour, which is a refined form of Chi, just as diamonds are a refined form of carbon.


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