The Cherubim (Singular Cherub) are the recondite Angels of the Aether, embodying the Arcanum of Prime, and can be called down with the use of Supernal Summoning.

Cherubim serve as divinely inspired sages and teachers, and complement the fervor of the Seraphim with their gentleness and wisdom. While the Seraphim almost always see morality in black and white, Cherubim are more likely to at least acknowledge the possibility of moral ambiguity; thus, they also serve as mediators and advisers. Cherubim tend to glow a soft blue-white light, the glow of Mana, and are often adorned with many eyes, representing their divine wisdom.

It is reckoned by some that Mana flows into the other worlds by the will of the Cherubim, and if true this would make them creatures of incalculable power. They are less intense than their cousins, but only a fool would mistake this comparative calm for weakness.

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