Chatterlings were mortal humans, abducted as children by the True Black Hand to be trained as servants and ghouls until they are deemed worthy of being Embraced.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Chatterlings are among the most ruthless, insane, and skilled of the True Black Hand's members. They are abducted when they are between the ages of 3 and 7 by revenants of the Enrathi family, who select children that they believe have no hope of a "good future". Black Hand leaders take these children to the city of Enoch in the Underworld, where they are presented before the Del'Roh and then given over to the care of taskmasters from the Cult of the Erinyes, a small, all-female group who are responsible for training the chatterling and are also charged with the protection of Enoch.

The chatterlings are thoroughly indoctrinated, intensively trained for hours on end both mentally and physically, and stripped of all humanity at an early age. They are forced to pick and follow a Path of Enlightenment while still human, so that they will be prepared for the Embrace when they reach 23 years old. Chatterlings are allowed to choose their own sires, and thus their own clan.

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