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A Charm is a form of Essence manipulation that focuses Essence through a character's Abilities or, in some cases, their Attributes. Charms allow Exalts and other magical beings to perform superhuman feats, and are the most basic form of magic in Creation.

Charms differ from the spells invoked through various practices of magic (sorcery, necromancy, or mortal thaumaturgy) in that spells are more exacting and are focused through sheer will alone, whereas Charms are an extension of the character's own inherent traits. Additionally, each type of Exalt or spirit can only learn Charms from the pool of Charms available to their own type (Solars, Lunars, etc), whereas access to sorcery or necromancy spells is only limited by the individual character's access to that circle of spells. Thus, a Solar cannot normally learn Lunar Charms (or vice versa), but all characters who have access to First Circle Sorcery can theoretically learn from the same pool of sorcery spells.

List of Charms

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