Charles "Chip" Fizzlewig is a Seelie Boggan Grump Knight and proprietor of the Toybox Coffee Shop freehold.

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Chip distinguished himself during the Accordance War and earned a knighthood from one of Duke Aeon's barons, Lady Zoe. The baroness "commanded" him (instead of giving it as an outright gift) to oversee one of her holdings, the Toybox Coffee Shop. Since then, Fizzlewig has maintained the cafe as a gathering place for Kithain. He has made it clear that he is "retired" from faerie politics and refuses to have anything to do with the intrigues of the Seelie Court. He hates being referred to by his title and refuses to talk about the deeds that won it for him, though he will still pull rank when he needs to do so.

Most days he feels the creaking of his joints and the pain of Banality a little to keenly and wishes folks would just leave him alone to putter around the shop and keep it in good repair. Customers, especially Wilders who bang around at all hours looking for service, don't appreciate a clean floor or unstained tablecloth. Even the grumps aren't much better with their slightly condescending smiles and mock-respect. He puts up with it, though, because it's his duty to the baroness but that doesn't mean he has to like people. In fact he doesn't like most people, changeling or mortal. Maybe the childlings are OK. They at least have an excuse for spilling juice or scuffing furniture: they're young. He grumbles to himself a lot and finds fault with almost everybody. He has a good heart but no one knows it.

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To mortal eyes, Charles is a "round" old man with dark, curly hair that springs from his head in gravity-defying directions. His eyes bulge and his overly wide mouth is fixed in a perpetual scowl. His fae mien is even more so. He has more wrinkles on his face, a bigger scowl, and really extravagant hair. He dresses in shades of brown and favors sales from the last century.

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