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== References ==
== References ==
# [[CTD]]. '''[[The Shadow Court]]''', p. 54.
# [[CTD]]. '''[[The Shadow Court]]''', p. 54.
[[Category:Changeling: The Dreaming societies]]
[[Category:Societies (CTD)]]

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A Chaos Clique is a type of Unseelie Clique.


One step below the Jamming clique (or above it, depending on your point of view) are the chaos cliques. Even anarchy is too political a concept for them. Whether driven by insanity, delusion, or simply a joy of life (and death), their goal is to raise as much hell as possible. Unseelie pooka love this type of clique; most trolls hate them.

Who cares what the Shadow Court really wants? All hail Discordia!


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