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Changing Breeds is a sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition detailing the Fera, including the Lost Breed and Aspects.


From the Onyx Path catalogue:

Creatures of the Wild
The Garou are not the only changing creatures to stalk the world. Other shapeshifters hunt in places where wolves do not tread, from sun-lost seas to the darkest jungles, or seek out hidden truths, using the secrets they uncover in the battle against the Wyrm. Shapeshifting spiders spin webs as deftly as they manipulate those around them. Bloody-handed serpents kill swiftly, and then vanish into shadow and myth. The Changing Breeds have their own crucial parts to play in these End Times, and must work together or Gaia will surely fall.
A Menagerie of Gaia's Children
This book brings the Changing Breeds right up to date, giving both players and Storytellers all of the tools needed to integrate shapeshifters other than werewolves into the World of Darkness. Eleven extant Changing Breeds are described in detail, along with three long-extinct Lost Breeds.
Changing Breeds contains:


Introduction: Beast of the Wild

Chapter One: The Changing World

The demographics of the Fera all across the globe.

Chapter Two: The Changing Breeds

Brief overviews over the various contemporary Fera, their social structures and Gifts, forms, etc.

Chapter Three: Building the Beast

Details about Character Creation, Merits, Flaws, as well as breed-specific backgrounds.

Chapter Four: The Lost Breeds

Details about the lost breeds (Camazotz, Apis, and Grondr), as well as other lost Fera, including the Khara, the Ao, the Okumo, and the lost Ratkin bards.

Appendix One: The Ahadi

Details about the Ahadi, as well as their rites, gifts, and specific threats.

Appendix Two: The Hengeyokai

Details about the Beast Courts, their internal structure, gifts as well as their system of renown.

Background Information

This book was financed and expanded via Kickstarter.

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