The Kithain are highly social creatures and many band together in Secret and Not-So-Secret Societies to further their ends, both benevolent and inimical.

Kithain Societies Edit

The following Societies are all open to the Kithain and some Gallain, depending on certain attributes. Some of them are incredibly clandestine while others operate very openly.

General Societies Edit

General Societies are groups that any fae can belong to, no matter what kith or political Impulse, though some may be more attractive to a certain Court or Seeming.

Noble Societies Edit

Noble Societies are groups that only Noble fae belong to, whether Sidhe or Ennobled commoner. Knightly Orders are included here.

House Societies Edit

House Societies are groups that are usually restricted to members of a certain noble House, usually Sidhe but not necessarily.

House Aesin Edit

House Aesin doesn't have societies so much as defined roles for males and females.

House Ailil Edit

House Balor Edit

  • The Tower Council: The advisory council just below the High Lord of the house.
  • The Iron Guard: The third tier leadership of House Balor.

House Beaumayn Edit

House Daireann Edit

House Dougal Edit

House Eiluned Edit

House Fiona Edit

House Gwydion Edit

There are few societies within House Gwydion, surprisingly. Many are, however, members of general orders such as the Beltaine Blade and the Knights of the Red Branch.

  • The Iron Paladins - a society within House Gwydion of Sidhe who have succumbed to their Unseelie side.

House Leanhaun Edit

  • The Finders - a society within House Leanhaun that seeks out Dreamers for other members of the House to Rhapsodize.
  • The Inquiry - an order of Leanhaun fae that specialize in contacting Prodigals.
  • Keepers of the Rose - a group within House Leanhaun which protects the House's greatest treasures and seeks out more.
  • Knights Protector - the military arm of House Leanhaun.
  • The Midnight Pact - a select group of Knights Protector that protect the interests of House Leanhaun.
  • The Revisionists - a group of Leanhaun fae who protect the good names of members of the House and act as an intelligence community.

House Liam Edit

  • Grey Monks - The members of House Liam who are still passionate about the belief that there is Glamour in human religions.
  • Knights Templar - a fanatic group of Liam knights who fancy themselves the covert action team of the house.
  • Midnight Mummers - the small group of Unseelie fae within House Liam.

House Scathach Edit

House Varich Edit

  • The Nochnytza - an all-female group of assassins within House Varich.
  • The Obtenyani - a group within House Varich that follows their hearts instead of reason and pattern.

Commoner Societies Edit

Commoner Societies are groups that began among and primarily contain the commoner kithain.

Kith Societies Edit

Kith Societies are groups that generally only include members of a particular kith.

Boggans Edit

The Boggans tend to have no societies of their own, but many are members of the Builders Guild, Toymakers Guild, and Weapons Guild. They also tend toward four types of occupations: Homemakers, Crafters, Servants, and Hermits, all of which can be found discussed in the article Boggan.

Eshu Edit

Nockers Edit

  • Bes Din - One of many local nocker patent offices and judiciaries.
  • The Weapons Guild - Master builders of weapons both archaic and modern
  • Mining Guilds - Nockers dedicated to finding the goods the builders need.

Pooka Edit

Redcaps Edit

Satyrs Edit

Sluagh Edit

Unlike most of the other kithain, the underfolk tend not to form specific societies. They do, however, tend toward certain professions which are discussed in the article Sluagh.

  • Ban-Durrag - Sluagh witch-women of the Scottish Highlands.
  • Abbey Lubbers & Buttery Spirits - a society of sluagh who punish corrupt monks and innkeepers.

Trolls Edit

Orders of the Heart Edit

Orders of the Heart are romantic societies open to all changelings who give their desire for romance primacy in their life; those who embrace their Romantic Legacies.

  • Order of Shallot - an order that personifies unrequited love
  • Cerenaics - an order of extreme sensualists
  • Ascetics - an order that believes in a more platonic love
  • Mockers - an order of satirists of courtly love
  • Masquers - an order that sees courtly love as a ritual bigger than itself
  • Danseurs - an order that makes love all about themselves.

Motleys Edit

The following Motleys are groups of Changelings mentioned in the books but not large enough to be considered societies.


Cliques Edit

For more on these societies see the article Patronage.

Battalions of the Accordance War Edit

Inanimae Societies Edit

Hsien Societies Edit

References Edit

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