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Players Guide to Changeling: The Dreaming is a supplement for Changeling: The Dreaming.


From the Back Cover:

Creatures of the Dreaming

We are creatures of the dream. Without imagination... without passion... we are nothing. - Lady Sierra, House of Gwydion

The Realm of Dreams

The Changeling Players Guide is an essential reference for players and Storytellers alike. By expanding the possibilities of the fae, and introducing a whole new culture, the Changeling Players Guide reveals a font of new possibilities for creative roleplaying.

Herein you will learn new secrets behind the origins of the nine kith. Discover the 13 kith of the Nunnehi Nations. Delve into the secrets of new Arts, and explore new Legacies and Backgrounds available to all Kithain.

The Changeling Players Guide includes:

  • Expanded rules for casting cantrips - without cards;
  • All-new Merits, Flaws, Legacies, and Abilities;
  • Detailed information on playing Nunnehi characters - the Native American changelings.



Notes on how to use this book, inspirational material, and a lexicon.

Chapter One: The Kithain - Traits

Chapter Two: The Kith - Society

Chapter Three: The Nunnehi

Chapter Four: The Ways of Glamour

Chapter Five: The Arts

Chapter Six: Roleplaying

Appendix: The Autumn People Errata

Background Information

A note from Ian Lemke on the credits page explains that, due to a printing error, a noteable amount of text was missing from CTD: The Autumn People Buy it from DriveThruRPG! . The Appendix of this book includes the missing or incomplete text. Readers could also e-mail Lemke or send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the White Wolf offices to request the errata.

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