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Changeling: The Lost Rulebook is the core rulebook for Changeling: The Lost.


From the Onyx Path catalog:

A Storytelling Game of Beautiful Madness
Taken from your home, transformed by the power of Faerie, kept as the Others’ slave or pet — but you never forgot where you came from. Now you have found your way back through the Thorns, to a home that is no longer yours. You are Lost. Find yourself.
The Core Rulebook for Changeling: The Lost™
  • A rulebook for playing the changelings, those humans changed by durance in Faerie to something more than human
  • A vivid imagining of the fae beings and places that hide unseen in the World of Darkness
  • Provides new player types and antagonists for crossover chronicles as well as chronicles focusing on changelings alone
Changeling: The Lost is the fifth game in the World of Darkness.

Prologue: What Alec Bourbon Said

Fiction. A young changeling makes a bargain with Alec Bourbon to get rid of her fetch.


The usual summary, list of inspirational works, and lexicon.

Chapter One: The World Behind the Mask

The world of the Lost, from memories of Faerie and the Others to the Hedge to everyday existence as a Changeling amongst the Courts. Includes write-ups for the seasonal Courts.

Chapter Two: Character Creation

Details of the Seemings, Kiths and special Traits possessed by Changelings, including write-ups of general, Seeming, Court and Goblin Contracts.

Chapter Three: Special Rules and Systems

The mechanics behind the Wyrd, Pledges, Dream-Scaping, Tokens and the Hedge.

Chapter Four: Storytelling

Storytelling advice and ideas for Changeling chronicles, including plots, theme and mood, fetches, antagonists and Goblin Markets.

Appendix One: Entitlements

Rules for Entitlements, the noble orders of Changelings, plus nine examples.

Appendix Two: The Freehold of Miami

A detailed setting complete with local Courts; ties in with the free introductory scenario.

Background Information

White Wolf felt that announcing Changeling in the back of Promethean focused fan interest too much on the next game instead of the current release, so Changeling: The Lost did not include a traditional ad for the next year's game. Instead, a large word search puzzle featured on the final page with the heading "Light in Shadows", and "COMING NEXT YEAR" printed beneath. Finding all of the World of Darkness words and phrases in the puzzle leaves letters which spell out "the hunters arrive two thousand eight". Fan speculation was that the sixth World of Darkness game would be a reinterpretation of Hunter: The Reckoning; they were proven correct when Hunter: The Vigil was later announced.

Memorable Quotes





True Fae


Arcadia, Changelings, Contracts, Courts, Entitlements, Faerie, fetches, Goblin fruits, the Hedge, Hobgoblins, Kiths, Seemings, Tokens, True Fae

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