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Changeling: The Dreaming Rulebook is the first core rulebook for Changeling: The Dreaming.


From the White Wolf catalogue:

The fifth and final installment in White Wolf's Storyteller Series! A Storytelling game of modern fantasy, Changeling takes you into the secret kingdom of the faeries on Earth. Although they live in this world, they participate in a fantastic world of make-believe come to life, one that they share with all the monstrous and wonderful creations of their own dreams and imaginations. Half-human, half-fae, changelings come in all sizes, from the mischievous Pookes to the surly Trolls to the bloodthirsty Redcaps. Come enter a world where mythic adventure and magical wonder co-exist with the mundane.

Table of Contents

Preface: The Dreamer

Book One: Childling

Chapter One: Introduction

A basic introduction to role-playing games and the Changeling lexicon.

Chapter Two: Setting

A history of the Dreaming; the nature and society of Fae.

Chapter Three: Storytelling

Notes about the theme and mood of Changeling, and the Hero's Journey.

Book Two: Wilder

Chapter Four: Rules

Basics of the Storyteller System.

Chapter Five: Characters

Rules of character creation.

Chapter Six: Traits

More details about kiths, the noble houses, and Legacies.

Book Three: Grump

Chapter Seven: Glamour

What Glamour is, and how to gain it, and how to use it to. Lists of Arts, Realms, and Bunks. Examples of Treasures.

Chapter Eight: Systems

How to gain and spend experience. Bedlam and how to treat it. Mechanics of Oaths, the Mists, Enchantment and Chimerae.

Chapter Nine: Drama

Rules for actions, including combat.


Antagonists (Nunnehi, Fomori, chimerae, mages, wraiths, Prodigals, Autumn People); details of San Francisco and the Changelings of Haight-Ashbury; the sample story "Toys Will Be Toys."




Accordance War, Arcadia, Arts, Autumn, Bedlam, Banality, Bunk, Cantrip, Champion, Changeling, Childling, Chimera, Commoner, Chrysalis, Dauntain, Dreaming, Dreamrealms, dross, Enchant, Escheat, Faerie, Fathom, Fior, Fledge, Freehold, Gallain, Glamour, Grump, Hue and cry, Interregnum, Kin, Kinain, Kith, Kithain, Liege, Long Winter, Mists, Mongrel, Motley, Noble, Oathbound, Prodigals, Realms, Resurgance, Retainers, Saining, Seelie, Shadow Court, Shattering, Sundering, Tara-Nar, Trods, Undoing, Unseelie, Vassal, Vellum, Voile, Wilder, Yearning

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