Chandraputra was the most loyal childe of the Ravnos Antediluvian and his general and war leader in his struggle against the asuratizayya. He is the ancestor of the Kshatriya jati.


Chandraputra has entered the sanctum, seething with the barely restrained fury of a righteous hero from the Vedas.
  —  Beckett about Chandraputra
He worked with the Black Mother to coordinate intelligence, from which he developed his strategies. He may be among first Indo-European conquerors who invaded India or may have ruled over the mortal city-nation of Harappa until it went to war against the asuratizayya stronghold of Mohenjo-Daro. During the battle, the two generals called forth otherworldly aid, forced "the light of four suns" to shine upon each other and turned the river valley red with the blood of thousands of mortals and Kindred. The final battle reportedly lasted for a year and a night, ending when Chandraputra took the head of his millennial adversary and condemned its soul to the most horrible of Hells.

When his brood mates began to desert their sire, Chandraputra tried to restructure the clan in the wake of mass desertions and a complete collapse in morale. He constructed what would later become the mayaparisatya, the Path of Paradox, or the study of mayaparisatya. Newly Embraced Ravnos were indoctrinated in mayaparisatya tenets, which demanded an understanding of the clan's place in the world and its members' devotion to the war against the enemies of svadharma. The Karavalanisha Vrana is from this period.

The Final Nights timelineEdit

Chandraputra eventually fell into torpor and was most likely destroyed after his sire awoke in the Week of Nightmares.

V20 timelineEdit

Hazimel reunites with Chandraputra in renewing combat against the asurazitayya and Ravana who is rumored be behind their new activity.


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