Chan Ng (sometimes misspelled Chang Ng) was a Vajrapani general who lead Akashic forces in the Himalayan Wars.

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Chan Ng was the commander of the Vajrapani in India circa 900 BCE, when the White Coumada occurred. While he initially tried to negotiate for peace, he was asked by Kannagara seers not only to initiate hostilities with the thanatoic cults, but to use massive simultaneous attacks instead of picking off each cult one by one. Chan Ng initially agreed, as like many Akashics he was blinded by anger at the cults' callous murder of innocents. Eventually he realized that the mass-attack strategy was encouraging the cults to unify against their common enemy.

After the Night of Fana, Chan Ng finally understood the truth: the war had been engineered by seers on both sides to unify the cults into an organized tradition like the Akashayana, and also to ensure the birth of the Ahl-i-Batin. However, the war dragged far longer than necessary as vindictive mages on both sides reincarnated with their anger and combat skills intact. After Nu Ying, then a teenaged girl, was caught murdering Dacoits, Chan Ng revealed to both her and Smoke Tiger that the Chakravanti had planned the war but that, for the good of the Akashics, this had to be kept secret. When Smoke Tiger could not agree to these terms, Chan Ng executed him.

In modern nights, Chan Ng reincarnated as Peter Lasky.

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