The Chakravanti were a fellowship of Indian death mages, who later became part of a larger Tradition. This Tradition was also called the Chakravanti initially, although its name was later changed to the more Greek Euthanatoi (of which the Chakravanti are a faction).

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The core notion in the Chakravanti philosophy is the Wheel of Fate, upon which the entire multiverse turns. The three cosmic mechanisms which keep the Wheel turning (when the three are in balance) are Dynamism, Stasis, and Entropy, and as a collective the mechanisms are called the Metaphysic Trinity. Theists among the Chakravanti deify the three mechanisms of the Wheel of Fate as Brahma the Producer (Dynamism), Vishnu the Preserver (Stasis), and Shiva the Purifier (Entropy). The deified version of the Metaphysic Trinity is called the Triat.

History Edit

The Chakravanti perceived that there was a growing imbalance toward Stasis in the world, so they sided with Entropy in order to rectify the balance. Siding with Entropy eventually led the Chakravanti alliance to change their official name to Euthanatoi, which means "[bringers of] the good death".

Early History Edit

A faction of Chakravanti called the Idran became enamoured with studying the supernatural nature of the Jhor-ladden beings known as vampires. The fascination of these Chakravanti, accused by some of their fellows as being Barabbus, eventually led them to turn themselves into vampires, thereby spawning the Nagaraja bloodline of vampires.

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