Cerenaics are a Romantic Society of the Kithain.

Overview Edit

Sensualists of the highest order, Cerenaics crave any type of stimulus. A large percentage of these fae, but by no means all, are Unseelie. Cerenaics vary wildly in their ways; some are delightful, maddeningly creative individuals, while others are debauched or even sadistic. The darker side of fae love is often embodied in these Kithain and some of them are extremely dangerous. Most Cerenaics are sidhe or satyrs but other fae do occasionally become one. Noble Cerenaics, especially Unseelie ones, are known to abuse their power on occasion. Cerenaics are also highly prone to seeking romantic encounters outside of the Kithain. Many of the prohibitions in Courtly Love are aimed at curbing the excesses of this philosophy. Queen Morganna, of the Kingdom of the White Sands, is an example of a benign Cerenaic.

References Edit

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