Ceremonies are similar to Rites in Werewolf: The Forsaken, or Theban Sorcery in Vampire: The Requiem . They tend to be longer in execution then Manifestations, and somewhat more complex in their results. They also be easier to learn: any Bound can theoretically learn any ceremony, while learning the Pyre-Flame Shroud manifestation is a much more complex affair requiring the gaining of Keys as well as the appropriate manifestation.

At character creation, they can be bought using Merit points, and subsequent ceremonies can be purchased using experience points. Bound tend to be more open and easy-going about teaching other Bound ceremonies then, for example, vampires about teaching other vampires Disciplines. This is because few ceremonies are actively harmful, allowing Bound to more easily discharge their duties to the dead.

Ceremony LevelsEdit

Ceremonies vary in strength and utility, being measured as being between one and five dots, with more dots loosely corresponding to more potent effects.

One-Dot CeremoniesEdit

Final Vision: This ceremony allows a Bound to see the last thing a body saw before it died. It is limited to bodies that still have eyes, and only provides visual information.

Finding: This ceremony guides a Bound to finding a person, living or dead. It does not mark the location on a map, only providing a direction and rough idea of distance to the person, and only to their body.

Krewe Binding: This allows Bound to sanctify and formally found or form a krewe .

Pass On: This ceremony assists a ghost in passing on after their anchors have been resolved.

Speaker of the Dead: This ceremony allows a ghost to speak through the Bound, in the ghosts voice. The Bound cannot be seen while performing this ritual.

Two-Dot CeremoniesEdit

Three-Dot CeremoniesEdit

Four-Dot CeremoniesEdit

Five-Dot ceremoniesEdit