Cerberus may be related to the classic hound of Greek and Roman mythology, or he may have taken the name and appearance from those myths. Cerberus has never confirmed either way but finds tales from this period interesting and enjoys discussing them, if the right opportunity arises. Cerberus has no desire to fight but takes his gatekeeper duty seriously. He is considered in his tone and will answer genuine questions a potential penitent may have. He is not an expert on the purification rituals and will refer these questions to the Brood, if he allows the supplicant entry to the Realm. If he is forced into conflict he tries to end the fight quickly, and preferably without loss of life.

Willpower: 8, Rage: 7, Gnosis: 9, Essence: 24 Charms: Armor, Blast*, Tracking

* Cerberus’ Blast spews forth the same molten silver that flows through the Realm. This inflicts aggravated damage to werewolves in any form, and to other creatures vulnerable to silver in applicable forms. It causes lethal damage to other targets. The liquid metal causes agony to Garou but cannot kill its target nor render her unconscious. At the Storyteller’s discretion it may give the target a moment of clarity to consider her actions and break off her attack. Cerberus has long experience of this effect and recognizes it instantly. If this occurs he will give the victim a chance to cease and apologize.


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