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Ceoris was the primary chantry of the Tremere for centuries, both before and after they were transformed into vampires.


The chantry was founded by Tremere and six other mages of his House while they were still mortals. According to the testimony of the deceased mage Ponticulus, the very foundation of the chantry (and the bloody events that followed) were subtly influenced by contact with two mysterious spiritual entities, known as the Root of All and Stars Above.[1]

Located in the mountains of Transylvania, Ceoris was the site of Goratrix's research that led him to perform the ritual that transformed Tremere and the original Council of Seven into vampires, and was the haven of Tremere and Etrius for centuries to follow.

It served as their bastion against the Tzimisce during the Omen War, and was the birthplace of the Gargoyles and other Thaumaturgical innovations. During the Renaissance, the Gargoyles rose up against their masters, slaying many Tremere and all but razing the chantry. In the aftermath of both the Gargoyle Revolt and the Anarch Revolt, the Tremere abandoned Ceoris, relocating their seat of power to Etrius' chantry in Vienna.



In Ars Magica, House Tremere's primary covenant is called Coeris.