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Centimani pilgrim

Centimani Pilgrimage mark

Name: Centimani
Metal: Flux
Nickname(s): Hundred-Handed, Freaks
Transmutations: Pandoran, Irradiation (Zeka only)

Centimani, or "The Hundred-Handed", is the Refinement of Flux. The refinement is named for the monsters who guarded the gates of Tartarus. Prometheans who practice this refinement are also called Centimani (singular: Centimanus), or, colloquially, Freaks.

The Centimani study Flux and its creations, including Pandorans, in the hope of understanding or controlling them. Those who succeed can use Pandoran Transmutations without detrimental effect. Some Centimani learn how to control a Pandoran; most who learn how to do this gather a group of Pandorans around themselves to further their knowledge of Flux. They are feared because their retinues must still feed on Azoth - if not of their master, then of other Prometheans.

Most Centimani were not inherently evil to begin with, though. Many were Prometheans were driven to become Centimani because of loneliness, grief, or hatred, and a subsequent desire to control the forces that eventually developed around them. However, once a Promethean falls into the Refinement of Flux, they rarely, if ever, return to their Pilgrimage. Many embrace the freedom that being Centimani offers them, as they no longer have to worry about such petty concepts as humanity and kindness.

Overwhelmingly, the Frankensteins and Osirians are those who turn to Centimani. Some Ulgan also readily follow Centimani, giving up their path to humanity in order adopt one to what they might view as another kind of spirituality. The Galateids do not see the Centimani resembling anything remotely beautiful, and therefore will usually turn away from them. However, even Galateids have their limits, and one whose heart is constantly broken may eventually give into the pain. The Tammuz hate the control that Centimani usually dictates, but can also be pushed onto this path when negativity becomes a constant in their lives.

If there is any Lineage that could be considered masters of the Centimani refinement, it is easily the Zeka. Created under horrific circumstances and possessing an extremely pessimistic world view, the Zeka's twisted nature leads them to the practice of Centimani as easily as any other Lineage finds Stannum, and is just as hard for them to leave.


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