Celyndra Rhys is an Unseelie Summer Ghille dhu in the Principality of Gwynedd in Cymru.

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As the only mistress of Bryn Celyn, Celyndra rarely ventures from her hill of holly (except when the occasional mortal man comes too close). She is a bonafide nymphomaniac, reveling in the Summer of her life. She owns the small farm of Bryn Celyn, raises a few critters and takes care of the gardens and trees of her rock eyrie. Occasionally, though, she'll sit in the fields near Gwynedd's tough mountain hiking trails, play her small harp, and hope someone will come along that she can seduce. As a general rule she doesn't welcome Kithain but despite her Unseelie nature, she would be hard pressed to deny another in need of hospitality.

Celyndra is the daughter of a Kenyan migrant couple who worked for several years in Wales and used their savings to purchase the farm but eventually returned to the warmer southern climate. Celyndra is known to Prince Dylan and a few others as a seeress of great talent. The problem is that while her visions are usually accurate, she doesn't always pass along the truth to her "clients." While the Prince has complete faith in her predictions, he doesn't realize that she may be lying. In this way she has a major influence over the course of kithain politics.

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The mistress of Bryn Celyn is the quintessential hedonist; continually seeking to sate her appetites. The morality of luring young men to her bed doesn't concern her because life is short and this is the season to live it to the utmost!

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Celyndra is willow-slim, with long black tresses and dark skin; exotic and beautiful. In her fae mien, her skin is soft green, like the leaves of a birch. Her hair is a dark jade with black roots while her eyes glisten like aquamarines in the sea.

Treasures Edit

She owns a beautiful harp with strings that shine like burnished gold that makes her incredibly alluring in the presence of any male (+1 to Appearance).

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